Hi there, I'll give you the quick n' dirty run down. Photography is my life's passion; and I showcase that here. However, there is so much more than meets the eye. I was born in Canada to Polish parents, and we made the move to the American Midwest when I was seven years old. I fell in love with scraping my knees while building rock dams in creeks and tree forts. My life was spent riding horses, atvs/dirt bikes and my parents always took my sister and me traveling and camping every summer. They continue to be my best memories and my goal is to showcase a sense of nostalgic memories, youth and my love for the outdoors in all of my creative work. 

I loved to started documenting things at a very young age, always having a disposable camera and keeping journals about my experiences since I was 12 years old. I studied Communications and Design at Ohio State University and promptly moved to the West Coast when I graduated to attempt to work in the action sports industries (I succeeded). With a love for old things, I keep film alive in my work and try to incorporate collage and sketch work into my designs. I still keep journals and write often about the topics I care about. I've had my photographic and direction work commissioned for clients like Nike, Harley Davidson, Kona Brewing Co and more. 

I'm also seasoned in marketing and strategy.  My skills and previous work includes retouching, copywriting, marketing strategy, graphic design, social strategy, digital community management, content creation, creative direction, producing and styling. My background in modeling also helps with influencer work and providing helpful direction when I'm in charge of manifesting a vision of a brand. If you need help crafting a vision and voice -- I'm your girl. 

My passions include motorcycles, writing, surfing, the outdoors, graphic design, sustainability and narrative storytelling. The perfect day would include something that gets my heart rate up, working on a project with a killer team and a gluten-free burrito bowl or some sort of amazing Mexican Baja Tacos; all while enjoying the outdoors.

I hope we can meet and work together soon.

2019 Travel
Late May/June - Colorado
August - South Dakota

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